shoul melbourne be styleguided?

Do you think the branding of Melbourne expresses the diversity of our citylife or is it just graphic styling? How can cultural identity & corporate identity co-exist?

Should Melbourne be styleguided? A debate on the relationship between corporate and cultural identity.

Over 300 people from within and outside of the design professions came along to hear and to contribute to a panel discussion about what it is to live in a city and how (or if) this can be communicated through a 'brand'.

Andrew Haig
1+1=3 (Melbourne, Australia)

Andrew is a designer and design educator in both visual communication and interactive media. Uncle Interactive is where he spends much of his time designing for clients who are predominently from the arts, culture and education sectors. In addition to his work within his design practice, Andrew is the editor of 1+1=3, a blog about design and visual culture and he currently teaches and supervises postgraduate students at Swinburne University of Technology’s National Institute for Design Research. He holds a Degree in Graphic Design and a Masters Degree in Design by Research from the Swinburne National Institute of Design. He’s been designing and teaching design for over 20 years.


Ian Dryden
City of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)

Since completing his studies, Ian Dryden has successfully worked with an assignment as Industrial Designer in the Urban Design Unit at the City of Melbourne. His task since 1987 has been to program, design, implement and market street furniture and temporary facilities for the City. Ian’s major task has been the design and coordination of the street furniture, temporary fixtures, lighting systems and pedestrian information signage for the City’s master plan. Ian’s work has received both popular and professional recognition, winning him many awards (too many to list).

Vincent Lazzara
Bluetorch (Melbourne, Australia)

Vincent has worked in design and branding for over 15 years, starting with the founding and management of Storm Image Design in 1990. Since leaving Storm, Vincent has worked at FHA Image Design (now FutureBrand) as a design and strategy manager and at The Ball Group as the Brand Strategy Director. Vincent has been involved in many large scale branding and visual identity programmes for clients such as: Stonnington City Council, the AFL, Ansett Australia, Freehills, Parks Victoria and Deakin University. 3 years ago Vincent started his own brand consultancy, called Bluetorch. Bluetorch works in partnership with several design studios around Melbourne – specialising in brand research, strategy development, brand community engagement, brand management and implementation.


Jeremy Wortsman
(Melbourne, Australia)

One of the co-founders of Is Not Magazine, Jeremy Wortsman was raised on the mean streets of New York where he worked on magazines such as LinguaFranca, Book, and Departures before relocating to Melbourne in 2001. Jeremy owns two pet rats named Rebecca and Enid, a 1959 Vespa, and is available for bar/bat mitzvahs and awkward first dates.